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Founder & President, of Bentley Heart, USA
Founder of Global Health Alliance Foundation, USA
Media Personnel & Public Education, USA


Queen of Hearts is an initiative to create a dedicated podcast channel to address major healthcare topics, especially those related to heart health & healthy lifestyle. In these podcasts, Dr. Farah will be hosting eminent professionals in the healthcare sector to talk about their inspirational life journeys to achieve their goals.

Maximise your potential

Get inspired by the life journeys of real people who have achieved happiness and fulfillment.

Health matters

Most of us realize that our health is our wealth but what steps can we take to get healthy and stay healthy.


The main mission of these podcasts is to bring to their audience the inspirational life journeys of people who not only have excelled in their field but whose endeavours have led them to achieve everything they had ever dreamt of.


These podcasts are created with a vision to make their audiences feel motivated & believe in themselves so much so that they strive to “Be All They Can Be”


To create awareness about concerning heart health & healthcare issues

To educate people about the importance of good health

To motivate professionals to dream, work hard & achieve their goals

To empower individuals by educating & creating awareness for health & its importance

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About Me

Dr. Farah is an invasive cardiologist at Bentley Heart, U.S.A. She is a philanthropist who has been working towards the betterment of society by providing people with intricate care, education & research in her chosen field.

She has been accorded with Texas Tech Distinguished Alumni Award 2021 & has been acknowledged as Top Cardiologist by Fort Worth Magazine in 2020 & 2021. In December 2022, she was given special recognition by the Texas Tech School of Medicine and has also named a scholarship after her name.

“Doctor by profession and artist by nature!”
She is a trained competitive ballroom dancer and holds interests in scuba diving, painting, singing & motivational speeches.

She has more than 300 media appearances including some of the prominent media houses like CNN, ABC, NBC, Fox News, CBS, Forbes, Business Insider, Martha Stewart, PBS, and The Washington Post.

With a vision & onus of creating a positive impact through her services, she aims to inspire people not just to live healthily but also to be an epitome of motivation & inspiration for others to excel in their respective fields.